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Schedule a date to send me your session, elopement, or wedding to be edited!


Prepare and export your catalog from Lightroom Classic. Short and easy-to-follow video instructions are provided! Upload your catalog to the WeTransfer web page with a few clicks of a button. This page is fully accessible 24/7.


Pay your invoice and then wait for your edits to be delivered in 7 business days for elopements/weddings or 4 business days for small sessions.



from start to finish.

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All the details below...


Basic Editing

  • cropping + straightening

  • basic (white balance, exposure, etc.)

  • tone curve

  • detail (sharpening, noise reduction)

  • color grading

  • lens correction

  • effects

  • calibration



Scheduled- Based

  • Sessions | 4 business days

  • Elopements | 7 business days

  • Weddings | 7 business days

  • Culling | 4 business days


Monday - Friday | 9am - 4pm PST

  • blurry/out of focus photos

  • duplicates

  • photos with eyes closed

  • photos with extreme over exposure or under exposure

Culling can be done as a stand alone service or combined with editing services.

I am scheduled based. This means you will book a date for me to edit your catalog. After sending me your photos, you'll receive a confirmation email as well an invoice. The turnaround time then begins on the date you schedule an appointment but only once the invoice is paid in full.

Advanced Edits Included Free of Charge

  • linear gradients

  • sky masking
  • subject masking
  • radial gradients


Gabriella | Gabriella Marie Photography

Outsourcing with Ashley helped me free up a ton of time so I could have my evenings back and keep work during work hours during my busiest wedding season to date!!

Ashley is so awesome!! She really tries to understand exactly what you are looking for in your edits and applies that to your gallery. She has super easy-to-understand instructions for every single step of the process, and she’s always a text or email away if I need her!! I could not be happier with outsourcing my editing to her and I’m never turning back.

I would recommend her services to other because Ashley cares and that says a lot!! No frustrating AI editing software, no chasing after editors who sign on & sign off … Ashley wants you to LOVE your gallery and she succeeds at doing that.

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